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10 Reasons Why You Need a Coach

As an executive, leadership and career coach, I am often asked why one might need a coach.  As professionals, it is imperative to invest in yourself in order to achieve greater success.  Whether you have never considered a coach or if you’re in the process of deciding on a coach now, below are ten reasons why coaching can be transformative by helping you reach your goals, achieve new levels of success in your career, and better navigate in life generally.

How To Get Through The Workday When You’re In Pain

When things aren’t okay – whether it’s work-related or not – it can be hard to stay focused and productive. Case in point: I think of the video of a policeman shooting and killing Philando Castile in front of a four-year-old last Wednesday. I think of my own four-year-old son and about those who are grieving because of senseless deaths and the repeated imagery shown online and by the media. Many of us are grieving. Yet work and other responsibilities aren’t suddenly canceled, which leaves me and many others with the question: Now what?

Quick Advice for Recent Law School Graduates

You should not be reading this… You should be reading your bar exam study materials! Whether you have already secured a job or not, passing the bar should be your greatest priority right now.  Bar study is not fun, but you only want to do it once.   Put your best effort into this time (plus a little more) and hustle until you’ve taken (and passed) the bar exam.