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Overlooked Essentials of Creating Your Personal Brand With Paula Edgar

Overlooked Essentials of Creating Your Personal Brand With Paula Edgar

Paula Edgar is an attorney, speaker, and CEO of PGE Consulting Group LLC, a strategy firm that provides diversity, equity, and professional development solutions for organizations.

She conducts live and virtual facilitated workshops and offers executive coaching where she helps leaders improve their personal branding, networking, social media, and business developments. She was a Founding Partner of Inclusion Strategy Solutions LLC and was the inaugural Chief Diversity Officer at New York Law School.

As for her writing, Paula has written for publications such as the New York Times, Bloomberg Law, Business Insider, and US News.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Paula Edgar’s transition from an attorney to an executive consultant
  • What does the title Branding Room Only mean, and who is the show’s target audience?
  • The keys to creating and perfecting your personal branding
  • Paula’s viewpoint on diversity and inclusion

In this episode:

For leaders and executives, personal branding is everything. The initial impression one makes can significantly influence how others view them, their level of trust, and the potential for collaboration. Even more importantly, your continued actions will define not only yourself but your organization as well. However, creating this personal image is harder than it seems. Effective branding takes intentionality and time, but it helps to have someone guide you along the process.

In this episode of the Branding Room Only podcast, Chad Franzen flips the script and interviews Paula  Edgar, the CEO of PGE Consulting Group LLC. Together, the two discuss what it means to build a personal brand and how she helps her clients define themselves. They also go through her perspective on diversity, how she got into coaching, and why she started her new podcast. Stay tuned for all of this and much more in the future!


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This episode is brought to you by PGE Consulting Group LLC.

PGE Consulting Group LLC is dedicated to providing a practical hybrid of professional development training and diversity solutions. From speaking to consulting to programming and more, all services and resources are carefully tailored for each partner. Paula Edgar’s distinct expertise helps engage attendees and create lasting change for her clients.

To learn more about Paula and her services, go to or contact her at [email protected], and follow Paula Edgar and the PGE Consulting Group LLC on LinkedIn.