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Crafting a Personal Brand in the Corporate World with Zabrina Jenkins

Join me as I delve into the journey of Zabrina Jenkins, Executive Advisor to the CEO of Starbucks, and learn how embracing change and seeking mentorship have been pivotal in crafting her personal brand in the corporate world.

How Michelle Ifill Built Success As a Lawyer, Executive Coach, & Resort CEO

Join me for an engaging discussion with Michelle Ifill, where we explore her inspiring transition from lawyer to CEO, uncovering essential insights into personal branding and professional growth, including the transformative power of empowerment.

INTERVIEW WITH CRYSTAL BAILEY: How Etiquette Mastery Helps Supercharge Your Personal Brand

Join me and renowned etiquette expert and image consultant, Crystal Bailey, as we delve into the transformative power of proper etiquette in personal branding and networking. 


Join me in a powerful conversation with Minda Harts, celebrated author and speaker, as we explore the significance of finding one’s voice in the workplace and the journey to empowerment and recognition for women of color.


Join me in conversation with Jason Levin, a seasoned brand management professional and founder of Ready, Set, Launch, LLC, as we explore the transformative power of effective networking and the secrets to building lasting professional relationships.

INTERVIEW WITH Anjli Garg: Going Within to Connect With Self and Expand Your Perspective

Join me as I chat with Anjli Garg, a certified coach and experienced lawyer, about her journey from external success to internal fulfillment, redefining personal branding, and empowering high achievers to reach their full potential.

Reflections on Receiving a 2023 Council of Urban Professionals (CUP) Law Catalyst Award

Join me for a special episode where I reflect on receiving the CUP Law Catalyst Award, discuss the meaning of being a catalyst and acknowledge those who helped make it possible.

Interview with Nicole Lester Arrindell: Changing the World In Moderation

Join me alongside Nicole Lester Arrindell, Government Relations Counsel and Chief of Staff to the Chief Legal Officer at Equitable, as we uncover the essentials of effective panel moderation and its impact on personal brand development.

Interview with Laurie Robinson Haden: Shining Brightly - Part 2

Join me for Part 2 of my interview with Laurie Robinson Haden, CEO of Corporate Counsel Women of Color, as she discusses her new book, building a resilient personal brand, and the value of a personal board of directors.

Interview with Laurie Robinson Haden: Shining Brightly - Part 1

Join me as I interview Laurie Robinson Haden, CEO of Corporate Counsel Women of Color, on her personal brand journey, CCWC’s initiatives, and her guide for professionals of color in career advancement.

Interview with Jay Sullivan: Helping Others to Be Nimble

Join me as I talk with Jay Sullivan about brand building, career adaptability, and insights from his latest book “The New Nimble: Leading in the Age of Change.”

INTERVIEW WITH Ifeoma Ike: Flawed Bravery

Join me as I speak with Ifeoma Ike, Founder of Pink Cornrows, on embracing ‘flawed bravery’ in advocacy, her personal branding approach, and fostering equity, as detailed in her book, The Equity Mindset.

Personal Branding Bruisers: Paula's Professional Pet Peeves

Join me for a special episode where I discuss some of my professional pet peeves, from name tag etiquette and introductions to effective communication and calendar management.

Interview with Michelle Banks: Building Community AND Empowering Women Lawyers

Join me as I speak with Michelle Banks, Executive Coach at BarkerGilmore, about evolving personal brands, leveraging LinkedIn, and the value of serving on boards to build trust and visibility.

Interview with Theodora Lee: Verdicts and Vineyards

Join me as I chat with Theodora Lee, Senior Partner, Shareholder and Trial Lawyer at Littler, about authentic branding, her career journey, and her venture into the world of winemaking as Owner and  Vintner at Theopolis Vineyards.

Interview with LaTanya Langley: Taking up Space

Join me as I sit down with LaTanya Langley, Chief People and Legal Officer at Edgewell Personal Care, to explore leadership across cultures, the role of calmness, and the significance of authenticity in branding and volunteerism.

Personal Branding Boosters and Bruisers: Attending Conferences

Join me as I navigate personal brand boosters and bruisers at conferences, highlighting the importance of photo opportunities, crafting memorable introductions, and leveraging social media for maximum impact.


Join me as I delve into strategies for self-promotion without bragging, overcoming imposter syndrome, and navigating passive-aggressive criticism in my new segment: Ask Paula.


Join me as I speak with Michele Coleman Mayes, General Counsel and Secretary for The New York Public Library, about about intentional leadership, branding vs. reputation, authenticity, and her community impact.

INTERVIEW WITH CONWAY EKPO: Connecting, Championing, and Making Change

Join me as I speak with Conway Ekpo, Director and Associate General Counsel of Product at Brex, about elevating others, the perils of ego, selflessness in leadership, and the unique elements of his brand.

Beyond 9/11: Life and Legacy of Joan Donna Griffith - A Conversation with My Father, Peter Griffith

Join my father, Peter Griffith, and me as we reflect on the legacy of my mother, Joan Donna Griffith. Together, we share cherished memories and honor the enduring impact she had on our lives.

INTERVIEW WITH Lonita K. Baker: Leveraging Leadership and Taking Leaps

Join me as I speak with Lonita K. Baker, President of the National Bar Association and Corporate Counsel at Waystar, about personal branding, leadership, and the importance of serving others and staying true to oneself.

INTERVIEW WITH Precious L. Williams: Life's a Pitch

Join me as I speak with Precious L. Williams, proud Founder and CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious, as she reveals her top tips for developing a compelling personal brand and delivering a winning pitch.

INTERVIEW WITH Megan Belcher: Multiplying and Making It Happen

Join me as I speak with Megan Belcher, Chief Legal & External Affairs Officer at Scoular, about how to be a culture creator by being reliable, making things happen, and building relationships.

Interview with Stefanie Marrone: Loving LinkedIn

Join me as I speak with Stefanie Marrone, author of The Social Media Butterfly blog, as she shares her insights on personal branding and LinkedIn, including tips, strategies, and common branding mistakes to avoid.

Interview with Damien Atkins: The Aura of a Leader

Join me as I speak with Damien Atkins, Chief Legal Officer of Aura, about his love of technology, finding industry mentors, avoiding branding mistakes, and the most important tenets of his brand.


Join me as I speak with Sonya Olds Som, a Global Managing Partner at Diversified Search Group, about common mistakes many people make and why business development is important for servicing attorneys. 


Join me as I speak with Kelly Hoey, author of Build Your Dream Network, to discuss the importance of networks in defining and refining personal brands.

Overlooked Essentials of Creating Your Personal Brand

Join me in exploring the power of personal branding and its impact on our lives in my new podcast, Branding Room Only, where I share my insights and perspectives.