Effective Communication Across Difference in the Age of Polarization and Fake News

Presented by Diversity and Inclusion, DRI International™, Toxic Torts and Environmental Law, and Women in the Law Committees


“Communication is your ticket to success, if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.” – Theo Gold
The media is often reporting on the polarization of our society. Increasingly, we witness challenges in communicating due to generational, gender, and cultural differences. As attorneys and advocates, we must learn to bridge those gaps to represent our clients effectively. Using data and representative scenarios, this panel will address gender, generational, and cultural gaps and provide strategies and best practices for bridging these gaps.



Paula T. Edgar, Inclusion Strategy Solutions, LLC, Brooklyn, NY


LaTanya Langley, Vice President and General Counsel, Emerging Markets & Group Supply Chain, BIC, Shelton, CT
Kristin T. Parsons, Associate General Counsel, Austal USA LLC, Mobile, AL
Shelley C. Speicker, Ph.D., Persuasion Strategies, Denver, CO


Unconscious Bias for 1L Orientation – Loyola University

Objective & Session Description

To provide education to law students on understanding and navigating bias within law school and within the legal profession. The session will: 

  • Increase participants’ awareness of how perspectives and personal lenses influence their engagement with their colleagues, professors, law school administration, and future employers.
  • Examine the impact of unconscious bias on communication, relationships and engagement (ex. assignments, evaluation, recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining law students/attorneys etc.)
  • Improve participants’ ability to communicate and work ‘inclusively’
  • Increase participants’ awareness of the benefits of diversity and inclusion