Unconscious Bias for 1L Orientation – Loyola University

Objective & Session Description

To provide education to law students on understanding and navigating bias within law school and within the legal profession. The session will: 

  • Increase participants’ awareness of how perspectives and personal lenses influence their engagement with their colleagues, professors, law school administration, and future employers.
  • Examine the impact of unconscious bias on communication, relationships and engagement (ex. assignments, evaluation, recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining law students/attorneys etc.)
  • Improve participants’ ability to communicate and work ‘inclusively’
  • Increase participants’ awareness of the benefits of diversity and inclusion
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Conversations on Anti-Black Racism Part II: Q&A Session

With recent incidents of racial injustice and increased awareness of the impact of anti-Black racism and systemic racism, there have been increased calls for active and intentional progress on equity. Many leaders and diversity professionals within law firms, law schools, corporations, and other organizations have been confronted with a need for navigating individual and group dialogues around race, bias, and activism. This presentation reviews some timely do’s and don’ts and provides strategies and feedback for navigating conversations on anti-Black racism and effective allyship to move forward.

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