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Global Women In Law & Leadership: Self Promotion

The Global Women in Law & Leadership Virtual Conference and Honors Program will bring together high-level professionals to delve into the many issues women face in the workplace and particularly in the corporate legal profession.

The ACC Foundation’s Global Women in Law & Leadership program is the primary event to support our global women’s initiative and our efforts to foster the professional development of women as in-house counsel; to support and engage women in their professional roles; and to champion full and equal recognition of women in the legal profession.

Programming will include networking opportunities to connect and engage on topics important to women in law.  Topics will focus on soft skills, innovative leadership, and tangible takeaways for female lawyers in today’s busy virtual/hybrid working world, including work/life balance and lifestyle hacks.

In addition to individual registrations, we have several sponsorship opportunities available, including options that allow you to bring your whole group to this amazing event.  Please contact us at for additional information, or call (202) 677-4772.


ACC IDEAL Series: AAPI Disrupting the Silence – A Conversation About Anti-Asian Hate and Bias

Conversations designed to discuss bias and disrupt racial inequalities are difficult to have, and that holds true for many AAPI attorneys. However, such discussions are necessary to understand how bias, microaggressions and anti-Asian hate can transcend beyond our communities and into the workplace.  Often, people of color and those who want to support them feel intimidated to speak up —afraid that their words may be misinterpreted,  trigger misperceptions, or worse. As a result, many sit silent. Silence will not bring about understanding or change. Thus, we must disrupt the silence and bridge our ability to communicate openly, honestly, and with mutual respect.  For this discussion led by diversity expert Paula T. Edgar, we will talk about how those affected by anti-Asian hate and bias, and their allies can vocalize concerns when they recognize inequalities in their companies and communities.