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paula edgar facilitator

Paula Edgar Keynote Speaker

Paula Edgar career consult and strategist
Consultant &
paula edgar facilitator

Paula Edgar Keynote Speaker

Paula Edgar career consult and strategist
Consultant &
PGE Consulting Group Methodology
The Solution

PGE Consulting Group is unique in providing the much-needed hybrid of professional development training through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). This is a critical innovation, allowing general programming for leadership, management, and staff to incorporate inclusive terms, strategies, best practices, and resources that better support all employees and leaders to generate impactful change.


Lloyd Freeman
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Its refreshing to engage a consultant who goes the extra mile to ensure that she provides specific and relevant information to the audience. Paula’s commitment to gathering information, assessing the culture and analyzing diversity data separates her from any other D&I consultant. Beyond her preparation, there are not many who can compete with Paula’s infectious personality when she presents material. Once you engage her, you’ll certainly invite her back.

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Get Educated, Engaged, and Energized with Paula!

Paula is a highly sought-after speaker and facilitator across industries. She conducts live and virtual presentations, keynote speeches, facilitated workshops, and provides a limited number of opportunities for group and executive coaching.

Whether on the topic of professional development or diversity, equity, and inclusion, Paula develops customized training to maximize the experience for attendees, ensuring they leave informed and inspired to have lasting impact both individually and within their organizations.

A transformative speaker, Paula adapts her topics and presentations to each audience. No two deliveries on any topic are ever the same


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Brands are getting flack online for voicing support for Black Lives Matter. Experts explain how to best use social media to respond to criticism.

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Will the Law Firm Diversity Push Falter as Protests Fade?

Plan your calendar with Paula

Below are some of the popular dates, celebrations, and commemorations to consider when planning your event with Paula (these should be booked well in advance). Reach out regarding availability on specific dates and times.

Event Types
  • Keynote
  • Panelist
  • Host / MC
  • Diversity Retreats
  • Women's Retreats
  • Law Firm Partner Retreats
Event Hosting
  • Galas
  • Alumni Events
  • Conferences
Other Industry Gatherings

Popular Dates and Commemorations
1st Quarter

National Mentoring Month

1st – New Year’s Day

17th – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

27th – Holocaust Remembrance Day


Black History Month

1st – Lunar/Chinese New Year (2022)

11th – Asian-American Women’s Equal Pay Day

14th – Valentine’s Day and Paula’s Birthday!

18th – President’s Day


Women’s History Month

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

8th – International Women’s Day

14th – Pi Day

17th – St. Patrick’s Day

20th – First day of Spring

2nd Quarter

Celebrate Diversity Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

2nd – Ramadan (2022) (through May 2nd)

15th – Passover (2022) (through April 23rd)

17th – Easter

17th – National Volunteer Week (2022) (through April 23rd)

22nd – Earth Day


Graduation Month

National Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

2nd – Eid Al-Fitr (2022)

3rd – National Teacher’s Day (2022)

6th – National Nurses Day

8th – Mother’s Day (2022)

21st – Armed Services Day (2022)

30th – Memorial Day (2022)


Pride Month

Black Music Appreciation Month

Graduation Month

19th – Juneteenth

19th – Father’s Day

21st – First Day of Summer

28th – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Pride Day

3rd Quarter

Limited Availability

4th – Independence Day

9th – Eid Al-Adha (2022)

26th – Disability Independence Day


Limited Availability

Back to School Orientation

13th – Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

19th – World Humanitarian Day

26th – Women’s Equality Day


New School Year / Back to School Orientation

6th – Labor Day

10th – World Suicide Prevention Day

11th – National Day of Remembrance

15th – Hispanic Heritage Month (through Oct 15th)

22nd – First Day of Fall

25th – Rosh Hashanah (2022)

4th Quarter

Global Diversity Awareness Month

National Disability Awareness Month

Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day

4th – Yom Kippur (2022)

10th – World Mental Health Day

10th – Indigenous Peoples Day (2022)

11th – National Coming Out Day

11th – International Day of the Girl

13th – World Sight Day (2022)

24th – Diwali (2022)

29th – Latinx Women’s Equal Pay Day

31st – Halloween


National Entrepreneurship Month

Native American Heritage Month

Annual Reviews & Evaluations

4th – Love Your Lawyer Day (2022)

8th – General Election (2022)

11th – Veterans Day

13th – World Kindness Day

13th – Transgender Awareness Week (through Nov 19th)

20th – Transgender Day of Remembrance

24th – Thanksgiving (2022)

25th – Native American Heritage Day (2022)

29th – Day of Giving (2022)


Annual Reviews & Evaluations

1st – World AIDS Day

18th – Hanukkah (2022)

21st – First Day of Winter or Winter Solstice

25th – Christmas

26th – Kwanzaa (through Jan 1st)

Shout Outs
Attendee Feedback
--Attendee, Branding Presentation

“(The presentation) was great, I felt like she was talking directly to me. The timing of this session was perfect. I am so inspired and wish to share with friends and family!!”

--Attendee, Microaggression Presentation

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation Paula. This session has helped me better understand microaggressions and how to be more aware of how to communicate with others. These are great leadership skills for myself and others.”

--Attendee, Microaggression Presentation

“Thank you for your time. This presentation was enlightening.  I will be going to a colleague and apologizing  for making a  comment that was not intended to be gaslighting  but I am sure she felt that I was minimizing her feelings on a specific issue”

--Attendee, Microaggression Presentation

“This was a fantastic learning session. I’m so grateful to work for a company that values this topic and strives to further improve on its culture and environment.”

--Attendee, Branding Presentation

“Paula was an amazing presenter, honestly nothing but good things to say about her and the quality of the presentation. I plan to attend any other webinar that she hosts with Manatt as I found the content extremely helpful.”

--Attendee, Branding Presentation

“Paula has a wonderful energy and gave very practical tips that I had not heard before. I already started putting some of her advice into practice. Thank you!”

--Attendee, Branding Presentation

“Great presenter!!!!! Would love to see this be a yearly exercise!”

--Attendee, Branding Presentation

“Just saw you at the NALSC conference. It was wonderful – full of great tips and insights. Thank you!”

--Attendee, Branding Presentation

“I just attended your session at the NALSC Symposium. You were incredible and I have so many takeaways. Gotta go, though…I need to get to 500! Thanks!”

--Attendee, Branding Presentation

“I enjoyed your presentation with Ice Miller today. You gave me much to work on and think about. I would love to follow you.”

--Attendee, Anti-Racism Presentation

“Hard to make racism engaging, but you did that. Thank you!”

--Attendee, Anti-Racism Presentation

“I really like the way Paula presented difficult info in a streamlined way that was digestible.”

--Attendee, Anti-Racism Presentation

“I learned a lot from this session & would be excited if Paula was to return. As a white woman, I did not fully understand the terms “white privilege” and “systematic racism” but Paula’s presentation gave me a better understanding.”

--Attendee, Anti-Racism Presentation

“I found this presentation to be informative, well-structured, and created space for an open dialogue.”

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias Presentation

“This is a sensitive and potentially uncomfortable issue, but I felt this training was outstanding! Thank you!”

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias Presentation

“This would be a great workshop! I really got a lot out of it ..and honestly wasn’t really excited about yet another diversity and inclusion webx…we are inundated with them! This one was excellent and really addressed things in a way that everyone could understand.”

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias Presentation

“This topic is very interesting. It made me reflect on myself, evaluate my behavior, and be mindful of what or how I communicate with people to not be hurtful.”

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias Presentation

“I thought the presentation was fantastic in its pace, real time incorporation of participant content and in the presenter’s frank treatment of difficult content.”

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation Paula. This session has helped me better understand microaggressions and how to be more aware of how to communicate with others. These are great leadership skills for myself and others.”   Presentation

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias Presentation

“Bravo for making this engaging despite the fact that it was completely virtual.”

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias Presentation

“THANK YOU! This was extremely valuable and helpful content and a very good use of the 90 minutes we dedicated to this topic.”

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias Presentation

“Thank you for explaining what is often hard to comprehend and acknowledge in the workplace.”

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias Presentation

“This presentation should be ‘mandatory’ for all.”

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias Presentation

“Speaker was dynamic, direct, enthusiastic and clear. Very appreciative and well done! Thank you.”

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias Presentation

“Paula is an excellent presenter and keeps the training moving at a quick pace. She also does a good job of making you really think about the topic. Now that I have thought about it and she has highlighted ways, we are unconsciously ‘thinking’ about.”

--Attendee, Unconscious Bias Presentation

“Very good job running the program — and not an easy group. Extremely impressed with how you politely but firmly stayed in control and did not let others hijack the meeting. Thank you!”

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