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EVENT: Strategies for Owning Your Career on 11/29/22

The Firmwide Women’s Alliance hosted a presentation by Paula T. Edgar, Esq of PGE Consulting Group LLC. Paula is an attorney and speaker who specializes in professional development and diversity & inclusion. Paula guided attendees through strategies to own the trajectory of one’s career.

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EVENT: Developing and Maximizing Your Personal Brand on 11/11/22

Your personal brand as an lawyer is the perception of you based on your experience, expertise, legal skills, actions and achievements. A personal brand is comprehensive and follows you as an professional regardless of your specific role or organization. In contrast, a professional brand is a brand identity that exists based on the merits and accomplishments of the individual tied specifically into what they do, and who they do it for. As a result of the pandemic, personal brand building for lawyers has changed and evolved due to the availability of remote and in-person law firm environments and the evolution of the hybrid work landscape.

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