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4/26/23 EVENT: NALP Annual Education Conference Panel: Black Women at Work: Making a Dent & Changing the Conversation 

This session is for leaders and allies who want to make a way for Black, Indigenous, and women of color (BIWOC). Continued public incidents spur Twitter storms and discussions on the experiences of Black women at work. Long documented as experiencing a double whammy in the workplace, Black women often experience being marginalized, passed over for opportunities, and other inequities. They face micro-aggressions and outright bias at work. Out of all populations, Black women are least interested in returning to work in-person because of micro-aggressions they face in the work place. BIWOC share many commonalities in work place experiences. Despite the gains made by women in the legal profession, women of color make up less than 3% of equity partners nationally. The recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson illustrated the continued disrespect and double standards Black women face in the workplace. This session will address organizational strategies as well as individual strategies to address: interrupting bias and micro-aggressions, equipping leaders to spot problematic behavior, self-advocacy and negotiation for BIWOC, and crashing through the internalized ceiling and imposter syndrome that impact BIWOC. While this discussion is applicable to all women generally and women of color, we will lead with the experiences of Black women who have experienced the least advancement in law firms.

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