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11/30/23 EVENT: Sponsor Shift: Seven Reasons Your Firm Sponsorship Program Needs Restructuring

Tired of subpar outcomes from your firm’s sponsorship program? Discover valuable insights and lessons learned from an expert in mentoring and sponsorship programs for law firms and legal organizations. This session delves into seven critical reasons why your firm’s sponsorship program may require relaunching or restructuring, offering practical tips and best practices for fostering meaningful relationships among sponsors, sponsees, and firm administrators. Learn how to set clear objectives and measure success. If you’re grappling with poor ROI, limited engagement, or diminished participation, these insights will guide you in revamping your sponsorship program for improved results.

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12/1/23 EVENT: Empowering Every Mind: Neurodiversity’s Role in Inclusion

DEI efforts are crucial to creating a safe and engaging work environment. Building upon their successes in other areas, law firms and law schools are now asking how they can better support neurodivergent lawyers and law students. In this interactive session, panelists will explore the tools and approaches law firms can incorporate into their DEI playbooks to recruit, integrate, and engage neurodivergent talent. Drawing upon their personal insights and experiences in creating a welcoming workplace for neurodivergent colleagues, and lessons learned from supporting other diverse colleagues, panelists will offer actionable tips on how to implement these practices in your organization.

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