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Quick Advice for Recent Law School Graduates

My son’s graduation whose mom laid flat on a dirty floor to get this shot.

Congratulations Recent Law School Graduate!

Hold on…

1. You should not be reading this… You should be reading your bar exam study materials! Whether you have already secured a job or not, passing the bar should be your greatest priority right now.  Bar study is not fun, but you only want to do it once.   Put your best effort into this time (plus a little more) and hustle until you’ve taken (and passed) the bar exam.


2. Take a break.  Give yourself the opportunity to truly celebrate the accomplishment of receiving your Juris Doctor degree and the work and sacrifice that came with it.  Take a vacation or a staycation and revel in your achievements! You have made it through law school and you have taken and passed (fingers crossed) the bar exam


3. Get to WORK!  If you have already secured a job, I mean that.  Get to work. Arrive on time (early), be ready to work, confident, enthusiastic, and humble.  You know a lot, but you have so much more to learn.  Your attitude is your greatest asset here.  Be ready to research, write, interact with clients and to observe and learn from mentors.

4. If you are still looking for work (many of you will still be looking) then it’s time to get moving.   Approach your job search with vigor.  Go to your law school’s career services office and make sure your application materials are pristine.

They will also coach you on how to…

5. NETWORK!  It is never too late to network and you should never stop networking. Ever. I mean it. Reach out to law school and undergraduate alumni in the legal field to expand your network.  Building these relationships can create a pipeline of resources for your benefit throughout your career, but remember networking is not all take.. be generous..what can you give to your contacts? Beginning with the goal to be of service is a better strategy than approaching every action with a “what’s in it for me” perspective.

Final advice: Do excellent work.  Be of service. Be kind. Be authentic. Be Strategic.  

JD = Job Done. But really it’s Journey to Destination.  Good Luck!!

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