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4/9/24 EVENT: Breaking Barriers: Addressing Gender Bias in the Legal Profession

In this session, participants will explore strategies to dismantle gender bias within the law firm culture, fostering an environment where all team members can contribute their skills and perspectives.

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1/18/24 EVENT: Embracing Change: Fostering a Growth Mindset for Lawyers

This session centers on cultivating a growth mindset within the law firm culture, encouraging lawyers to embrace change, adapt collaboratively, and contribute to a diverse and dynamic work environment.

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11/11/23 EVENT: Florida Laws: Impacts to DEI Initiatives

This session will briefly explore the intricate and potentially turbulent aspects of Florida’s laws on underrepresented lawyers and allies within law firms. The presentation will also encourage participants to foster a collaborative and inclusive culture, recognizing, and addressing the particular ways laws might affect various communities.

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10/26/23 EVENT: Fostering Effective & Inclusive Feedback

During this virtual session, attendees will learn the critical importance of empathy and open communication, both in voicing concerns and in initiating impactful actions, and will explore the opportunities and challenges tied to feedback, with a specific focus on the growth and development of associates.

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4/20/23 EVENT: Raising Consciousness Beyond Unconscious Bias

This virtual session is focused on increasing self-awareness and knowledge of bias development and its impact. Topics covered include navigating power and privilege, recruiting and retention, and other examples of biases in law firm interactions. Participants will learn tools and tips to address unconscious bias and explore the benefits and challenges of this approach, emphasizing the importance of accountability.

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1/17/23 EVENT: Recognizing and Addressing Microaggressions

Microaggressions are brief statements or behaviors that communicate a negative message about a non-dominant group. During the virtual interactive session, attendees will learn how to recognize potential pitfalls and explore the challenges of managing witnessed or experienced microaggressions during your interactions with law firm colleagues.

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